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Q & A

A few of the best questions to have graced my ears and inbox.


Q & A

A few of the best questions to have graced my ears and inbox.

Do you have an "ideal" client? 

To be perfectly honest, I realized I do. This is not related to any particular style, or venue, or personality type. I want to work with individuals whose goal is to sincerely and authentically celebrate what is true to them. I am happiest documenting people who are kind, engaging, and creative. People who know who they are, own it, and live it. People with their hearts on their sleeve. Most importantly, people who welcome me into their lives.

Do you travel for commissions?

Absolutely! I've photographed weddings, lifestyle portraits, and for non-profits across the country (including California, Colorado, Nevada, Indiana, North & South Carolina, Virginia, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and, of course, all throughout Massachusetts), as well as internationally (Mexico, Philippines, Iceland, Scotland, and Italy).  I'm always open to the next big adventure.

What is the biggest challenge you face?

The most difficult thing, in my opinion, is keeping things fresh. It's a fine balance between providing what clients see, and want, and also pushing myself to do something new. I actually find my work most inspired when I'm surrounding myself with other arts: good music, paintings, film, great literature. Those all make me look at photography with fresh and excited eyes. :)

Why do you book a limited number of weddings?

 I love marriage. So much, in fact, that I want to make sure that a) I always leave enough time in my schedule to nurture my own, and b) I am able to give each couple that I work with the attention that their wedding deserves. Your day means more to me than just a paycheck. I do my best with couples who are connected, trusting, and thoughtful, and I give that in return. The time I dedicate pays off satisfactorily.  From preparation, to the vows, to wild moves and stolen kisses on the dance floor–all the fleeting moments throughout the day–I work closely with couples so that I can create art that tells their story.

Are you an LGBT Ally?

Love manifests itself in all shapes and sizes, and they are all equal in my eyes. I am so thrilled to finally live in a time where everyone in our country has the same rights as myself, my husband, and all of the beautiful couples that I photograph every year.

Did you go to school for photography?

Almost... but technically, no. :) I've been composing photographs for as long as I can remember. For science class in elementary school, I built a pinhole camera. In high school I dabbled in fine art and landscape photography in the valleys of Yosemite National Park (just 20 miles north of my hometown), but discovered there that I needed a deeper connection, not just a pretty backdrop.  While I chose to study Sociology in college, I never stopped my personal studies and projects as a photographer. I honed my craft through an interest in street photography and portraiture, my interest in observing society moving past my textbooks and term papers, and coming to life through photography. I believe it is the blending of my artistic and academic life that led to my particular style. In addition to personal study, I have pursued additional education with intensive workshops and mentorship under some of the leading photographers in the industry.

Are you aware that you have the cutest dog in the entire world?

Yes. But don't let him hear you say that, we don't want to give him a big head. Frankly, it's already awkwardly large for his body.

Fiore Interiors-Fiore Interiors-0037.jpg

Press & Praise

Press & Praise

Finding a talented photographer is easy. But finding talent AND someone you can communicate, brainstorm, dream and most of all trust with the big moments of your life is much harder to find. Briana is the real deal.
— Kristin
Both you and your photos are so wonderful. Thank you, Briana. We are grateful to have had you participate with such significance in this time. All that planning and we still had no idea how moved and happy we’d be in the moment and in remembrances of it, which your photos certainly capture.

Your photography captures both the moment itself and the movement of how we are, together. There’s nothing ‘captured’ or still - there’s breath and life and witness in your pictures. Our large family mix of steps- and halves- and exes-, foreign small towners and slicked out city kids was relaxed and active with you. It was a seamless and delightful experience to work with you.

I gush. Thank you so much
— Maxine
Briana is an exceptional photographer all around...her food photos capture the dish and ambiance of the space so beautifully. I could look at her photos all day long.
— Anny Deirmenjian, PR & Marketing Director for Davio's Restaurant Group
You are more than a great photographer, but a great person with great love and great vision. All together one, and placed behind the camera, you project the greatness of every moment through the lens.
— Brieana & Brandon
I consider myself lucky to be connected to such a source of creativity in the entrepreneur community here in Boston. Briana, you have opened doors for so many of us...

Briana epitomizes the joy of owning a small business. Executing original work with such happiness and gratitude…
— Sofi Madison (Olives & Grace)

Top 10

Experiences I would love to document.

Top 10

Experiences I would love to document.


1.  Antarctic expedition cruise (aka The Dream). Bring on the fragile icebergs, breathtaking wildlife, and stimulating lectures.

2. A visual retelling of Travels with Charley.  **Travel completed 12.27.2016!   Book in progress. Follow along here.

3. Eco-tourism in Patagonia.

4. A family history retreat at Verana in Yelapa, Mexico.

5. Truffle hunting in France.

6. A sociological study of Cuba, studying the culture that we have been estranged from. Document the pros and cons of the lack of US influence.

7. Lend a hand to (at least) one of my favorite charities, documenting the fruits of their far-reaching & humbling labors.

8. Shoot (and eat/drink) my way through a Bourbon & BBQ Tour.

9. The vibrant colors & mouth watering street foods of Marrakech.

10. Rocking & roaming New Zealand by campervan.

11*.  Sunrise elephant treks & Thai Cuisine courses in the Golden Triangle.


*Yes, I know I cheated. I like to call it "Dreaming Big".