I strive to be genuine in every aspect of my life, and by extension, my work. I find that authenticity leads to success. This is prevalent in my style of photography, as well as the values by which I run my business. No pretense. No slick sales pitch. What you see is what you get.

  Human Nature fascinates me (as my degree in Sociology might suggest), and it is that insight that drives me as a photographer.

 I love how much passion can be expressed in a single photograph. I am fascinated by the dance of light and shadow. I am challenged by those brief, discreet moments that are hard to catch.  Most of all, I am grateful that my lifelong love affair with the camera has provided me with the career of my dreams. 


There is so much to share about my views on art, photography, business, & life. However, most of that can be saved until we are face-to-face, refreshments in hand. I look forward to it! For those who wish to get to know me a little more personally, continue on... there are some delightful tidbits to be found below.